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Support the development of the project, and also received small bonuses.

Hey, good to see you here!

I'm DreamNow and I'm the developer of the "University of Problems".


Student life is perhaps the most vivid, colorful, and memorable period of life for many of us. You start your adult life, feel unlimited possibilities, make a lot of new acquaintances. "University of Problems" is just about it.

An ordinary guy from an ordinary family unexpectedly enters one of the best universities in the country. What could be better, right? Lots of opportunities, constant parties, attractive girls, complete freedom of choice. In a word: real adult life. But everything is not as rosy as it may seem at first glance...

The Extended version

This version includes additional scenes (most often non-canonical), exclusive renders and animations, access to the PVU Lewd app in the in-game phone.

This version is only available for $20+ patrons (more about it on Patreon).

Additional info

If you like the game and want to make it even better, speed up the development process, or just thank the developer, please visit my page on Patreon

Discord server

Updated 23 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(242 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Dating Sim, Erotic, Male protagonist, relationship, Ren'Py, Romance, Slice Of Life, university
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone


University of Problems v1.1.0 Basic (PC) [GDrive]
University of Problems v1.1.0 Basic (PC) [MEGA]
University of Problems v1.1.0 Basic (MAC) [GDrive]
University of Problems v1.1.0 Basic (MAC) [MEGA]
Patch to v1.1.0 [MEGA]
Patch to v1.1.0 [GDrive]
University of Problems v1.1.0 (Official Android port) [MEGA]
University of Problems v1.1.0 (Official Android port) [GDrive]

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привет можете прислать мне видео как правильно все сделать чтобы запустить 2акт атаганины???

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Any updates for this game ?

привет можешь прислать мне видео как правильно все сделать чтобы запутит 2акт атаганины????

привет можете прислать мне видео как правильно все сделать чтобы запутить 2акт атаганины ???

Will there be a continuation of the game

which website to download it on as i cannot download it on itch

i'm unable to progress with ashley can anyone help me?

One of the best games iv played so far

Thank you!

How do I use the patch on android? Its a zip file and im not sure what to do with it

Added correct files

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I saw that earlier, thx! Great game btw...one of the better ones out there. Keep up the good work!

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Both links to download android version 1.1.0 are downloading a zip for 'Patch to 1.1.0', i suspect this isn't correct :p

Added correct files

Deleted 89 days ago
Deleted 26 days ago
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Deleted 73 days ago
Deleted 89 days ago

not Roxy saying "knock me up" and me screaming, I'm trying but the game won't let me 


can you pursue more than one girl?


would you consider changing the thumbnail, the fact the thumbnail looks like a hand drawn art game, but the actual gameplay is better rendered. idk how to explain it but a gameplay image would get more clicks for you and you deserve it.

Thanks for the advice. I'm currently working on a completely new design of the Patreon page, the main menu, and so on.  So soon the design of Itch page will also be updated.

I'm in the teachers apartment after getting punched and I'm stuck in a loop where I can say I want to sleep but then he massages her body then she goes for a bath and then it loops?

Which version do you play? Android or MAC/PC?

Are you using mods or something?

I have the same problem with the android version 

Wow the update actually fixed the crashes for android 11 users

guys, stupid question maybe but after the scene with ivy in the raffle, what should i do? there are no options and i cant talk to anyone or go out of the house. and i talked to nikki before.

go upstair for your prize, but before that find the guy who's blocking the stairway he will ask for your ticket or proft that you're the winner.

I may have run into a mistake with Carol. In the scene where she said that she was locked out of her dorm room and I had the option of inviting her to sleep in mine, I chose the other option indicating that it would be moving too fast. But in a scene later, she is kissing me and the conversation seemed to infer that she had slept in there with me. That entire scene felt entirely out of place as well as we barely knew each other at that point. 

I had cheats on if it matters. I messed with the personal stats but I didn't do anything to the relationship stats. 

Thank you for an awesome game and all of your hard work! :)


Thanks for that. I will check this part of the game code and try to fix this bug.

can you the game downloadable in the app

Are you planning on a full paid release at some point then now that we're at 1.0.0?

Yes, the current version of the game will be released on Steam as the first part/chapter/season or something like that. But I don't know yet how long it will take me to prepare the game for this.

Ok good, as long as it's coming eventually I can wait lol.

Hi having problems with the controls on android. I'm using s20ultra and I enabled quick settings from the menu and now I don't have any menu options at all.  Maybe it's mapped to the settings button that's no longer on Samsung phones. Did a full memory reset for the APK as well as uninstalled and redownloaded the APK file to no avail. Any one know how to fix this

Try to delete all files from this folder "SD:/Android/data/com.{gamename}.program/files/saves/" or something like that before install tha game again. Maybe that helps.

Are there any walkthroughs that update after a new release?


All the creampies with Carol, yet no one mentions anything about the risk. Guess it doesn't matter , which is kinda sad from my pov, since I like breeding. Anyway, this game is absolutely amazing, Carol is best girl

Im just wondering if the extra tab will ever be available in the basic version


i played this game at 9.5 was incredibly good, you did a great job, can't wait to see more! PS the only pic i can't get is emma, the nurse i think, is she available in the basic version, i noticed there are extra scenes in the non basic version, where do i get the extended one?

Show post...

when is the next update

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how do you get anything with emma?went through the game several times and can't figure it out, tried both lust and intelligence paths, very aggravating!

walkthrough steps for each character'd would be helpful.

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Hello there dev i just want to point out some of the bug that i found recently:
1. If u had the older version of the game ( 0.9.0 ) copying the patch file into the game directory will result to image not found. But it will be solve if u download the whole new version of the game.
2. In the party, your conversation with nikki will be cut of and directed to Vlad outside the building ( if u not developing any relationship with nikki ) and u cant even talk to nikki again after that but if u had some kind of relationship with nikki it proceed without problem

i will edit this comment again if i found any bug.

Thank you!

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I waited a long time for latest version,in this version 0.9.5 i didn't get a single sex scene with any main girl,i have relation with all of them but i didn't got any Scene. Am i missing something?

Did u have any sex with them before v0.9.5 ? or after the patch update ? 

i don't know about patch update but i  did sex with them.

well i dont know exactly what was the problem for that but here a few tips that i get after playing like 4-5 times already. U  need to earn a point ( intelligent, strenght, lust) in order to have sex according to what charac u have high relay point. Higher lust point will lead you to sex scene for some certain character and unlock their sex scene, that also apply with strenght point and intelligent. But overall it depend 100% on ur choice. For me i do have a lot of intelligent point and high relay point with rachel that lead to sex. If u dont have high intelligent point for rachel u cant possibly had sex with her. Some of choice will add either lust+relay or lust + intel or just intel or lust depend on ur choice. So choose carefully. There are some sex scene that require strenght with ashley ( but i havent try it yet ). hopefully this will help you to figure out what u missing :)

Did u got the sex scene with them in this version??

for rachel how many intelligence and where did u got it??

And for ashley too.

(1 edit)

i havent play this latest version but will do later, if i remember correctly i got 20 point of intelligent and 32 relay point for rachel. For ashely u need strenght and lust + relay point only, even if u lack of strenght u still can have sex with her but the extra scene will be lock. U can gain point on the choice u made. For example when u first meet ashley there will be an option where u need to choose wether " to look back ( Lust + relay point for ashley) " or " dont waste any time ( +1 Intelligent ) ". Basically for ashely u just need to always be positive and show affection to her. To gain intelligent u need to be smart and be able to hold ur lust for some certain choice and event.  for other character i dont know how because they still dont have any scene yet. Maybe in future update they will. Oh btw u can gain a lot of intel point with rachel event.

Amazing game so far! very excited to see how you continue the game! hope it will be on steam one day but will support here for now. keep up this quality and you will see big success for sure

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! By far one of the best games I've found here! Any clues on the next update?? And if you pursue more then 1 romantic path, will you be caught cheating down the line? Or can you do it worry free?

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Thank u so much for this awesome game.Its one of the best adult game i have ever played.I like the story a lot.Every girl has awesome story.once a again than u so much.Can someone plz tell me when will next update will come??

Looking Forward to the next update. Any estimate for when?


It's a good game, has some great moments, but any college game is bound to be compared to Being a DIK which is just so much better.  The protagonist kinda looks like Michael Cera if he found the gym two days a week.  The translation isn't very good and the flow is stilted.  It has some beautiful girls, but half the main characters look like the same girl slightly altered.  I had some fun but the plot doesn't make much sense to me and seems missable.

This game deserves 5 stars just for the music, like some of it is legit fire. I could nitpick stuff here and there, but really its a fantastic VN. Gorgeous women, excellent balance of character development and sex. Really enjoyed my time with these girls, they feel like real people (if slightly shallow). They have like problems normal 19 year old girls have, not overblown or under done.

But... The overarching story of Max and the school president is a little... patchy lets say. Like, gigantic story dump halfway through the novel, but it has little to no effect on the vibe and consequences. And the spy den, complete with tech guy and hot girl, is like way too intense for the MC to get involved with. He literally gets punched for being a perv and now he wants revenge? Enough to put himself and loved ones in mortal danger? And Vlad is somehow a moral compass and a rich douchebag at the exact same time. And the MC has literally no skills at anything but sex yet is somehow helping play detective? Needs serious story development work, feels tacked on and somehow both too consequential and inconsequential at the same time.

But considering the sometimes deep-seated issues many AVNs have, including extremely dark consent issues, overall this is very fixable

Damn, so good


is this game a linear one?


The android download is broken


The best graphic.

Can u make it have voices like 'Ripples' ?

Bruh. I don't really leave comments that much but this piece is fire! Best thing I played so far. Such a nice storyline! Bruh keep up. We'll be waiting for the next update.


can confirm. Piece of art


Hello! I think my ability can increase your profit.

I was  very touched by graphic of your game.

It was very good to experience such a good game.

As a Korean, I can provide quality korean translation for a small fee.

Feel free to contact gladfulness@naver.com if you are interested.


It's funny, but it seems... I fell in love with Sara... 💔


for me it’s Rachel so same situation different lady still getting far enough to feel something but never quite getting the goodies. 


Let's be to wait new version :3


Damn me too bruh...The moment she got introduced with others I knew she's bae material and thats exactly what they let us do

Waiting for the update

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